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The New York Lottery's $1,000,000 Lucky Dog Scratch-Off Series is the best selling game in over 4 years. The campaign went live on National Pet Day (April 11th) with a spot called, “Road Dogs.” Directed by J.J. Adler of Ruckus. The piece features a pack of dogs hitting the road in winning style and asks the question, how would your dog spend one million dollars? 

The campaign continues with the release of Doggy Tracks. It’s an original song created using only the sounds that dogs love. It features wind chimes, squeaky toys, bird chirps, and more, remixed for dogs and hoomans alike. The music video is directed by Juan Zuleta.

​​Dog influencer @marleyinnyc helped kick off a challenge on IG Reels prompting New Yorkers to submit reaction videos of their dogs listening to the track. The campaign generated significant buzz and was named Editor's Pick by Ad Age. Now that's something to howl about.  

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