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It's been humbling to see my line, "Planet or Plastic?" on the cover of National Geographic. And it's even crazier to see its impact all over the Internet. I still can't believe it made it to the front page of Reddit! I can only hope that this initiative will help motivate people to make a better choice for our planet.​


The Webby Awards: Winner - Green, 2019
The Webby Awards: Winner - Education & Discovery, 2019
The One Club: Designism - Design for Good, 2019
The One Club: Merit - Design for Good, 2019
The ADC Awards: Best of Discipline - Design For Good, 2019 D&AD: WOOD PENCIL - Impact, Environment and Sustainability, 2019
D&AD: Shortlist - Creativity for Good Advertising/Brand, 2019
D&AD: Shortlist - Integrated Digital Campaigns, 2019
Cannes: Shortlist - PR, 2019
Cannes: Shortlist x 3 - Sustainable Development Goals, 2019 Cannes: Shortlist x 2 - Social & Influencer, 2019

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