After the challenges of 2020, New York deserved something special. So the New York Lottery partnered with McCann to create a new series of Scratch-Off Games celebrating some of the most iconic landmarks in the state. To advertise these new tickets, I wrote an animated love letter to the place I call home.

Finding the perfect tune for our TV took some digging. Some of the best songwriting in the history of music has been about New York. Throughout this process, I spent endless hours listening to every New York song you could possibly imagine. In the end, the bruised optimism of Autumn in New York felt like it hit the right note for this unique moment in time. 

If you want a window into my music research world, check out these playlists I made while working on this project. They feature some of my favorite discoveries and more than a few underrated New York anthems. 

© 1969  Noah Benezra